Visit Vietnam, is the journey of the senses when you wake up, with your heart and your It is an escape from time, with nothing else between sea, mountains and rice fields. Come – no longer wait to soak up the aromas of an Asia land of eternal deep, discrete, and shrouded in mystery.

  The country of a dragon’s shape invites you to immerse yourself in an intimate universe, authentic and unspoiled, although now well anchored in the twenty-first century because of promises of progress and prosperity. From the lush highlands of the north, inhabited by ethnic communities who still live according to ancient rites and have had only few rare contacts with the West, the land of rice terraces, perched on the hillsides, through the Mekong Delta and the white sandy beaches of the south, whose quiet is flawed only by the reflected waves of a calm ocean, discover landscapes of breathtaking beauty protected from prying eyes .

  This country architecture inspired by ancient Chinese, Indian and Khmer has never renounced its colonial past, nor forgotten the trauma of the two wars that have in no way dampened the optimism and the iron will of gentle people, devoted to the worship of ancestors, and whose philosophy inspired by Confucius and Lao Tse, translating a delicate art of living, full of wisdom and the deepest respect for others. With more than four thousand years of history, this extreme of the east will charm you for sure, because its inhabitants with refined hospitality, kindness, generosity and joie de vivre.

  Halong Bay, a mineral and aquatic gem classified as a World Heritage Site, the Imperial City and the Tombs of Hue, the Old Town of Hoi An, the My Son Sanctuary and the Phong-Nha-Ké National Park Bang, should not make you forget thousands other natural, architectural, cultural and human resources, sketched with the consummate art of color, against a backdrop of postcard landscapes.

  Of course, you will definitely need a trip to charming Viet Nam, the country attracted and arms opened avid  curious discreet respecting guests.