Time seems to have stood still in Laos. The big cities, Vientiane, Luang Prabang, have kept the charm of provincial towns, with street signs dating from the colonial era. The country has remained strongly marked by Buddhism and the traveler is dazzled to find everywhere, flamboyant temples, with magnificent decoration by their richness and exuberance.

   The markets are an ideal place to meet the wonderful Laotian people with their nonchalant smile and to taste the local specialities. In the streets, you can meet monks in orange robes, young girls on bicycles quietly pedaling with parasols in hand …

   In the countryside, one is amazed by the lush jungle, the villages of straw huts crossed by the laterite track, the children in uniform going to school, the slow step of the buffaloes .

   Admiring the sunset over the majestic Mekong, a drink in hand on the terrace of a small bar is an unforgettable memory.